GroupId ArtifactID Description Last Version 版本总数 Publish Time
org.mashupbots.socko socko-webserver_2.11 socko-webserver 0.6.0 2 2014-10-06T12:09:44
org.mashupbots.socko socko-webserver_2.10 socko-webserver 0.4.2 6 2014-02-28T11:02:51
org.mashupbots.socko socko-webserver_2.9.2 socko-webserver 0.2.3 2 2012-09-10T11:37:43
org.mashupbots.socko socko-webserver_2.9.1 socko-webserver 0.2.1 3 2012-08-07T08:36:05
com.github.containersolutions webserver-sample Provisions an nginx Webserver based on a CRD 0.3.6 1 2019-10-02T03:24:30
io.helidon.media.jsonp helidon-media-jsonp-server JSON-P Support for WebServer 1.3.1 12 2019-09-28T03:53:46
io.helidon.media.jackson helidon-media-jackson-server Jackson Support for WebServer 1.3.1 11 2019-09-28T03:53:45
io.helidon.webserver helidon-webserver-access-log Access log support for Helidon WebServer 1.3.1 4 2019-09-28T03:51:17
io.helidon.media.jsonb helidon-media-jsonb-server JSON-B Support for WebServer 1.3.1 11 2019-09-28T03:50:57
io.helidon.bundles helidon-bundles-webserver Helidon SE webserver bundle. 1.3.1 13 2019-09-28T03:50:50
com.opsbears.webcomponents mime Interfaces for creating a webserver in the OWC Ecosystem 1.0.0-alpha14 5 2019-04-25T14:11:37
com.opsbears.webcomponents webserver Interfaces for creating a webserver in the OWC Ecosystem 1.0.0-alpha14 6 2019-04-25T14:11:29
io.helidon.webserver helidon-webserver-json JSON Support for WebServer 0.11.0 10 2019-01-12T10:32:16
io.leopard myjetty-maven-plugin 使用mvnc myjetty:run启动WebServer 0.9.12 2 2018-04-21T08:39:09
com.dev-smart miniweb-core Miniweb is an embedded webserver for Java. 0.1.5 5 2015-05-27T23:49:22
com.dev-smart miniweb-android Miniweb is an embedded webserver for Android. 0.1.5 5 2015-05-27T23:49:19
com.xpressj xpressj-simple-server Simple implementation of webserver for XpressJ 0.7.2 4 2014-09-17T11:52:32
com.xpressj xpressj-jetty Jetty embedded webserver for XpressJ 0.7.2 7 2014-09-17T11:52:31
org.apache.jena jena-fuseki-fulljar 3.13.1 6 2019-10-07T03:14:50
org.apache.jena jena-fuseki-server 3.13.1 18 2019-10-07T03:13:34
org.glassfish.hk2 webserver-configuration-example A fake WebServer that is configured by a property file 2.6.1 103 2019-08-24T01:34:47
io.helidon.webserver helidon-webserver-netty Netty based HTTP IO implementation for WebServer 0.10.6 9 2019-08-08T09:25:21
org.microbean microbean-helidon-webserver-cdi Integrates implementations of Helidon's WebServer contract into CDI. 0.2.6 9 2019-04-12T07:36:57
li.xiangyang.platformo PlatformoClient A tool to collect webserver response time. 1.0 1 2017-04-14T16:30:54
org.osgi osgi.enroute.web.simple.provider Provides a simple implementation of the OSGi enRoute webserver. 2.1.0 2 2018-09-27T00:24:52
io.leopard leopard-proxy 多机负载均衡的环境,可以通过Leopard-Proxy指定访问某台WebServer。可以通过URL参数、Cookie、HttpHeader(serverIp=xxxx)进行指定要访问的服务器。 0.9.12 7 2018-04-21T08:30:01
com.distelli.ventura Ventura Basic webserver that uses Jetty with a route matcher. 1.0.4 5 2017-01-04T03:24:41
org.nanohttpd nanohttpd-webserver nanohttpd-webserver can serve any local directory as a webserver using nanohttpd. 2.3.1 3 2016-08-13T02:17:18
io.helidon.bundles helidon-bundles-security Helidon SE security bundle. This bundle does not contain integration with webserver, jersey or microprofile. 1.3.1 13 2019-09-28T03:52:06
de.micromata.mgc de.micromata.mgc.application.jetty 3.1.1 3 2019-07-22T14:50:26

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