The Analytics Modeling Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS) configures and manages metadata for modeling.

2020-08-03 22:16:46

Server side implementation of the open metadata administration services.

2020-08-03 22:14:11

Provides a Java client for the open metadata administration services.

2020-08-03 22:12:34

The administration services support the configuration of the open metadata server platform. This configuration determines which of the open metadata services are active. It also supports the querying the runtime (operational) state of the open metadata components.

2020-08-03 22:11:24

Samples showing how to call the Open Metadata Access Services (OMASs) clients.

2020-08-03 22:06:12
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2020-08-03 22:04:54

the set of necessary OSGi configuration fragments

2020-08-03 22:04:33
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